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10 Ways to make time to exercise!

Hi, my name is Heath and I am a Personal Trainer at Jetts Laurimar in Victoria. One of the most common excuses I hear daily is ‘I don’t have time to exercise’. I understand that life gets busy, everything from work commitments, family, kids-that doesn’t leave much time right?

I’m here to help. Below you will find my top 10 tips for fitting exercise into your life;

1. Do something you enjoy!

Everyone enjoys some form of physical activity. This could include walking the dog, team sports, running, weight training, yoga. Chose something you love as studies prove that you’re more likely to stick to it.

2. Make a plan

If it’s scheduled into your week, it will happen. Trying to fit a workout in without planning it into your week often leads to no workout at all.

3. TV time

Who doesn’t sit down a watch a little bit of TV at night? Why not bust out some moves during the add breaks! Squats, push-ups, crunches, star jumps are just a few great exercises that doesn’t need equipment.

4. Be accountable

Working with a personal trainer and having sessions booked in advance mean you have automatically designated that time to improve your health.

5. Work out buddies

Why not train with a friend? Having someone that also wants to improve their health and fitness goals are a great motivator and a great way to catch up during the week!

6. Family time

Instead of getting the family together for a meal, try to include something active for a change. These include going for a walk, bike ride or playing a game of soccer.

7. What time works for you best?

If you’re not a morning person, you’re less likely to stick to those early 6am sessions. Decide what time of day exercise works best for you.

8. Ditch your ride

Park your car further away from work, get off one stop before your usual station and walk the rest of the way, walk to school/kinder for pick up and drop off and even try riding your push bike to work.

9. Work out at work

Why not swap your chair for your swiss ball?  This will help improve your posture and core strength if you happen to sit at a desk all day. Store some dumbbells or foam roller under your desk so you can perform some exercises on your lunch break!

10. Make allowances for missed sessions and set backs

Sometimes everything doesn’t go according to plan...don’t stress, have a plan B! If you are unable to make the gym or exercise that day, plan to exercise on a day you generally wouldn’t to make up for lost time. 

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