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10 Ways to make time to exercise!

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10 Ways To Run Faster Today!

1. Learn good form

The key to a great run is to practice great form. You’ll need to keep your upper body tall, yet relaxed, and swing your arms forward and back (not side to side).


2. Start counting

It’s helpful to measure the number of steps taken whilst running. The most efficient runners take light, short steps with their feet close to the ground. To find your cadence number, run for one minute and count the number of times your left foot hits the ground. Then multiply this number by two.


3. Go fast, go slow

Interval training is just one way to build up both endurance and speed, and is great for anyone who’s short on time.


4. Remember your stretches

Whilst it’s debated as to whether stretching before running really helps to prevent injury, a daily stretch will increase flexibility for a better stride.


5. Lighten up

Even if barefoot running doesn’t take your fancy, runners are getting lighter and lighter to mimic your foot’s natural stride. Try a pair and see how they work for you.


6. Breathe

Learning how to breath whilst running fast takes a lot of practice. Use both your nose and mouth to get the most amount of oxygen to your muscles.


7. Say goodbye to the sweet stuff

Sweet foods may give as a great sugar high, but a crash will always follow. Switch to whole grains for long-lasting energy instead.


8. Tackle a hill or two

Hill running is a great way to improve speed and strength. Plus it's a fantastic way to add that extra challenge to your next run. 


9. Find your pose

Why not try adding some yoga to your running plan? Increased flexibility helps to build speed, whilst yoga is a great way to focus on your breathing.

10. Have a snooze

It’s important to get enough shuteye in order to reach your fastest time. Getting enough sleep will give your body the opportunity to repair and regenerate your muscles from the day’s training.


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