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5 Ways To Stick To Your Fitness Routine During Summer

For some of us sticking to a routine in the summer months can be incredibly difficult. Between longer work hours before the Christmas break, visiting family members and the numerous backyard BBQs, finding a time to workout can seem impossible. So how do we stick to a routine during the busier periods?

Here are 5 handy tips to help you keep on top of your workouts and stay motivated throughout summer.

1. Revamp your workout

Be sure to refresh and revamp your workout to something that is fresh and new. Not only will this help keep you motivated in the gym, you’ll also see better results as your body tries to adapt and change to the new routine.

2. Get outdoors

We are spoilt for amazing sunshine and beautiful beaches in this great country of ours. So having a workout doesn’t always have to mean hitting the gym. Head to the beach for a swim or go for a bush walk and take in some fresh air while sneaking in a fun cardio session. Not only will you be working out, it’s a great way to keep to whole family active. You can even drag along the in-laws!

3. Workout with a friend

Be sure to have a workout buddy to keep you both motivated and committed to your workouts. Working out with a friend helps you push a little harder and go a little heavier than what you normally would by yourself. Together you can achieve some great results and keep on track with your summer routine.

4. Work with a Personal Trainer

Have a chat with your local Personal Trainer about what challenges might be happening throughout summer. An 8 Week Challenge is a great way to keep motivated and committed to your fitness during summer. You get to set yourself some goals and a Personal Trainer will be there to help push you and achieve some fantastic results. If you can’t commit to 8 weeks, booking in a few sessions throughout summer can help you keep committed to your training routine through those summer months.

5. Make things fun!

This is another great way to get your entire family enjoying a workout. Head to the backyard for a game of soccer or a fun obstacle course. Even the kids can help think of new obstacles, which will keep them having fun and you feeling fit.


With these few handy hints, you can stay on track this summer and prevent the festive season from ruining the hard work you’ve already put in this year. 


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