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Facts about sweat

We all sweat. We work hard, we sweat hard. Whether you sweat a lot or a little, there is nothing that shows your hard work more than coming out breathless, sticky and ready for a well-earned shower. The following are just 10 facts to ponder about that sweat while you wash it down the drain.

  1. Sweating is the way our bodies keep us cool and prevent overheating. The perspiration on your skin is cooled by the air which then cools you and lowers your body temperature.
  2. The average person’s body has over 2.5 million sweat glands and produces almost 1 litre of sweat every day. You may not notice the sweating during more sedentary activities as it typically evaporates soon after being produced.
  3. Women have more sweat glands but men sweat more than women – up to four times as much! It is suggested that hormones are a major factor in this.
  4. Your fitness level can affect how much you sweat. Surprisingly, it has been found that regularly active people sweat more as their bodies are used to keeping cool by increasing the amount they sweat.
  5. Following from the last point, studies have found that in humid conditions of 29 degrees Celsius and 40% humidity, the average runner will lose up to 1.8kg of water weight per hour!
  6. Sweat is actually odourless. Instead, it is the skin’s bacteria that mingles with it to produce an odour.
  7. Animals have lots of different ways of sweating. Hippos have red sweat, which acts as a sunscreen and bacteria killer, cows sweat through their noses and primates and horses sweat just like us – through their armpits!
  8. Eating makes you sweat. Eating boosts your metabolism which further boosts your body temperature, causing you to perspire in order to cool down.
  9. Sweat is actually the most concentrated on the bottom of our feet. It is the least concentrated on our backs.
  10. There is a disorder for those who sweat excessively called hyperhidrosis. it affects less than 5% of the population.

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