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Five exercises to do with a friend

Exercising is more fun with a friend! Not only will it motivate you, but exercising with a friend is also a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your workout. One way you can and a mate can supersize your fitness routines is by doing partner exercises. Here are our top five exercises you can do with a friend:


1. Wheelbarrow push-ups

Think kids parties and wheelbarrow races, but amped up to get the sweat running! One person should start in a push-up position, with the other holding your feet in their hands. The person in the push-up position then must do as many push-ups as possible while maintaining good form. With every down motion, the person holding you should add in a synchronised squat. We recommend 10 reps, then swap positions and repeat.


2. Supported squats

Stand facing your partner about an arm’s length away. Keep your feet slightly wider than your hips. Grasp each other’s forearms and push down into the squat by hinging at the hips and shifting them back and down. Maintain a straight back. Once your thighs are almost parallel to the floor, press your heels into the ground, exhale and rise. Complete 20 reps.


3. Partner chest toss with medicine ball

Stand facing your partner with a metre or more between you. One person will hold a medicine ball in front of the chest with their elbows bent. Without moving the torso or legs, push the ball forward and toss it to your partner. Try to exhale when tossing and inhale when catching. We recommend to continue for 60 seconds.


4. Table-bridge

One person should be on their hands and knees in a table position, with the other on their back, so both people form a T. The person on their back should put their legs on the person in the table position and then create a bridge by moving their hips up and down. This move can be made a little harder by doing the bridge on one leg or by being in a plank rather than in a table position.


5. Five alive

Finish by showing your partner some love with this move. Start facing each other in push-up position. Leave enough room to clap hands. First lower your chest to the ground, push back to start and give your partner a high five with opposing hands. Return to the push-up position for one rep. Do 10 reps. If push-ups are a little too difficult, you can also do plank and lower yourself onto your forearms rather than lowering your chest only.


These five moves are just a handful or the many different exercises you can do with a friend. So, grab a friend, head to your nearest Jetts club and get exercising!

A big shout out to Robbie and Claire from Jetts Taringa for showing us how to do these awesome exercises!

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