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Healthy snacks - Keeping it simple

Maintaining a healthy diet and sticking to goals can be tough especially when life gets busy! When time slips away and suddenly you are hungry with no idea of what ‘healthy snacks’ to eat, its easy to make bad choices!

The best advice when it comes to healthy snacks is to keep it simple. For most of us, we are busy, and we will crave a snack that doesn’t give us the health benefits we need. A healthy snack does not have to be muffins that are made with trendy health ingredients or homemade super food bars (although these are delicious), they just need to keep you going…and going...and going!

Jetts top 5 quick and easy healthy snacks:

1. Apple with natural nut butter

Just cut an apple and dip into your nut butter (available at most supermarkets)


2. Carrot and celery with hummus

Simple and delicious! Try to buy a natural hummus, or make a big batch that you can snack on during the week!


3. Yogurt with berries and super foods 

Your favourite healthy yoghurt, berries (fresh or frozen) topped with almonds, shredded coconut and chia seeds. Look out for yogurt with a low sugar content as sometimes different types of yogurt can have lots of hidden sugars.


4. DIY trail mix

Avoid the added sugar and oil from store bought mixes, and make your own. Include almonds, hazelnuts, your favourite organic dried fruit, pepita seeds… the choice is yours!


5. Seeded/ sourdough toast with tahini, strawberries with a dash of honey

This unusual combination is delicious and filling, perfect to fill your sweet tooth.


With these healthy snacks, you can never go wrong… be careful, people around you might want to steal your food!


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