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Friends With Benefits

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10 Ways to make time to exercise!

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How to Convince Your Friend to Workout With You

For committed fitness enthusiasts, it can be difficult to see why your friends may not be as interested in exercising as you are. Explaining to your buddies just why heading to the gym is a good idea can be difficult, but there are actually plenty of reasons why they should join up with you! The following are just a few ways to convince your friend to join the gym and enjoy the benefits of getting fit:

Free passes

Jetts has a FREE 3 day trial so your friend can give us a whirl before becoming a member. This is an easy way to get your friend into the gym to show them just how much fun and value they can get out of it. Take them to a group session, show them all the cool extras or just go for a jog and watch some TV from the treadmill. No pressure, just a bit of fun to show them that the gym is not as scary as it may seem! Grab a FREE 3 day trial here.

Social activity

The gym isn’t just about exercise. In fact, it can be an awesome way to catch up with friends! If you don’t get to hang out as often as you used to, why not use the gym as a way to kill two birds with one stone?


And this doesn’t just mean getting fit! Exercising can actually make you happier, as well as improve your sleep and energy levels, further encouraging those feel good hormones. Whether your friend is looking to lose weight or is on that well-trodden path to happiness, exercising with a mate is a great way to get there.


On that note, what better way to reach your goals than with a friend pushing you forward? Committing to an exercise routine is a lot easier when you have someone who can motivate and support you. For that friend who seems interested but needs a bit of motivation, working out together can be the push they need.

Friendly competition

There's nothing like a a bit of friendly rivalry to push you that little bit further when working out! Looking for some friendly competition? Next time you're working out with a buddy, take on the monthly Jetts Accelerate Challenge together to see who can get the best score.

How have you convinced a friend to join the gym? Join the conversation and tell Jetts on our Facebook page today.

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