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10 Ways to make time to exercise!

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How to incorporate fitness into your everyday life

Staying active on a daily basis can be hard. But not having the time to get fit is the oldest excuse in the book. With a few tips and tricks, you can get your 30 minutes of exercise a day without even noticing! Here's a few ideas to get you started:

Take the stairs instead of the lift

Going up? Instead of standing outside waiting for the lift, spend that time walking up the stairs. Even if it’s only one floor, it will make a huge difference over time. Eventually you'll notice the trek up the stairs will become easier and you may even look forward it!

Get off the bus a stop early

Or get the taxi to stop a street away, park a little further from your destination or get off the train a stop before yours! Whatever form of transport you take, add some exercise into the mix by taking the time to walk some of the way.

Get a furry friend

If you're a dog lover, why not get a pet who loves to go for walks. There are many breeds of dogs that need regular exercise. If you want to incorporate exercise in your everyday life, walking the dog is a great option and will give you some one on one time with your best friend as well as get your heart pumping.

Make it fun

The best way to make exercise a part of your day to day routine is to make it enjoyable. Go to the gym with a friend, give yourself little challenges, find exercises you enjoy, whatever it is, make sure it’s fun! If you enjoy the exercise, you'll look forward to it and want to do it more.

Stretch anywhere

Stretching doesn’t require any special tools or special places to do. Whether it’s at work, in the shower or while watching TV, stretching can get the blood circulating, keep your muscles strong and healthy and even help you relax. Learn a few basic stretches and do them when you have been sedentary for a while – sitting at work, following a long night’s sleep or even after watching a movie.

How do you incorporate fitness into your everyday life? Let us know on the Jetts Australia Facebook page.

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