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Indoor fitness - The hottest winter workout tips

Winter is officially upon us and as the temperature gauge begins to decline, so does our motivation to get up and get going. Fewer daylight hours and chilly winter mornings make it easy to put off exercise and retreat to the warmth and comfort of the indoors.  Unfortunately, winter is also a time of year that our bodies instinctively want to pack in more calories, which makes sticking to an exercise regime even more critical.

When it comes to staying active, here are five of the hottest winter workout tips:

1.Fight the winter blues.

Winter blues aren’t a myth. Cold weather and a lack of sunlight can trigger a mild form of depression known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is characterised by a lack of energy, increased appetite, longer sleep and weight gain. Ironically, the cure to SAD is fresh air and exercise. Getting started might be tough, but once you’re into a routine, you’ll notice your motivation and mental health significantly improves.

2.Invest in a winter workout wardrobe.

Finding appropriate clothing to wear during the colder months is an important part of maintaining your winter exercise regime.  The key to winter workout apparel is layers.  You want to have layers that you can easily peel off and then put back on as your body’s temperature goes up and down.  For both tops and bottoms, start with a good, moisture-wicking base layer followed by a wind and weatherproof layer to protect you from the elements.

3.Take extra time to warm up

During winter we spend a lot of time warming up by the TV and not enough time warming up for exercise. It’s important to note that warming up is even more crucial in winter than it is in summer.  This is because muscles contract in colder weather and this can lead to a greater chance of injury. By warming up, you ensure your body is in the best position to get the most out of your winter workout.

4.Drink lots of water

Keeping hydrated is just as important during winter as it is in summer. Cold weather stimulates urine production and your body will also lose a lot of water during winter from subconscious behaviours, like breathing and staying warm. Cold wind will also lead to dry, cracked skin. By drinking minimum of 2 Litres of water every day, you’ll avoid dehydration and skin irritation during the colder months.

5.Join a gym

One of the biggest challenges associated with winter workouts is finding a place to train. When the thought of braving the outdoors is enough to make you cringe, joining a gym might be the best solution. Jetts gyms provide a wide variety of exercise options in a comfortable and supportive environment. We are unique in that we offer no contract memberships, so you can sign up just for winter. We even offer 3 day free trial memberships so newcomers can try out the facilities before making a decision.

Don’t put off your exercise regime any longer! Go online or call to find your nearest Jetts gym and take control of your winter fitness today. 

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