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Know Your Gym Lingo

Being new to the gym can often leave you feeling like a bit of a fish out of water. One thing that can be really confusing is the “Gym Lingo”.

Essentially it’s a language of its own and we’ve listed a few terms you might hear throughout the gym to get you started without feeling like a "newbie".



You’ll find these terms on most exercises programs, when you see the word SETS/REPS it just means the amount of rounds you will be doing (SETS) and how many times you will complete the exercise in each round (REPS). For example: Squats 10 reps x 3 sets = Do 10 squats, have a quick break and repeat 2 more times.



Circuits are fun way to squeeze in quick workout. A circuit can be a group of exercises completed one after another in quick succession and is usually repeated after a rest period.



Rather than indicating that you did a bad job, the term failure when used in the gym, simply means that you got to the point of physical exhaustion, which often occurs in sets designed to build muscle.



Someone may ask you “Can I get a spot?” and they’re not asking you to help find their dog. This means they’reasking you to help them do an exercise with a weight they might need assistance with. If you need a spot at Jetts be sure to ask one of our team.


PB or PR:

“I just did a PR on Bench!”. This means “Personal Record” or “Personal Best” which may be noted on a program when training with a personal trainer. Make sure you celebrate every time you smash your PB!



On our strength training machines you will find that they have a neat stack of weights that are numbered for resistance level and known as the stack. These can be adjusted with the yellow pull out pin (Tip: On Jetts equipment and benches anything you see in yellow is adjustable).

Interestingly a “Stack” can also be referred to as having a number of supplements together to help you achieve your health and fitness goal. We have a great range of Body Science products in club so be sure to ask one of our friendly Jetts team to see what stack would suit you best.



These aren’t just used for lunch or dinner. These are the round blue weights you will see stored in the weights area. These have the weights written on each side and a nice hole in the middle to easily slide on and off equipment (Tip: Be sure to remove any plates from equipment when you are finished, just so it’s ready to go for the next person).



The term split refers to dividing up your exercise and training different muscle groups on different days. This benefits your training as you’ll be giving each muscle group the recovery time it needs before its next workout.



A superset is a method of training where after completion of one exercise you go straight into another. Throw in a third and you’ve got yourself a triset. More work, in less time with a greater payoff.



These can be thrown into a program or training routine for a where you will complete a certain number of reps, then lower the resistance or weight and complete the exercise until failure.


We hope this gives you a better understanding of typical “Gym Lingo”. Here at Jetts we’re all about making the first time gym goer quickly feel at home. We’re always willing to help and don’t be afraid to ask your Club Manager or Personal Trainer any questions you may have about your training routine.

Until next time train hard, keep motivated and stay positive.




This article was kindly written by:

Adam Crooks, Club Manager, Jetts Brisbane Airport

Get in touch with him here. 



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