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The 7 Sins Of Exercise + How To Stop Committing Them

It can be difficult to maintain a diet and fitness regime and we are all bound to slip up and make a mistake from time to time. But if you have committed a cardinal sin, don’t worry! With a little help, you can get back on track in no time.

1. The sloth slump

It’s too cold! I’m tired! I have better things to do! It’s so easy to lose interest in exercise or become a bit lazy and not go for a week or two. Rather than sitting like a sloth in front of the TV, find ways to make it more fun, integrate it into your daily routine and motivate yourself.

2. Getting greedy

While going to the gym can often be body image related, it's important your ultimate goal is your health. Material and superficial achievements are not as long lasting as a strong, healthy physique and a positive attitude. Lose the greed and focus on being happy and healthy.

3. Body envy

It is easy to get into the gym and see someone who has your “ideal” body and get jealous. But don’t let that bring you down! Everyone starts somewhere so stop comparing yourself to others and instead be your own competition.

4. Pumped up pride

Everyone should be proud of their acheivements in the gym...but that doesn't mean you have to spend your whole workout sesh starring at yourself in the mirror! Like many things, it's important to do everything in moderation. You should allow your body to rest and recover when necessary. Commit to a goal and a routine and be proud while also being aware of when to stop!

5. Junk food glutton

It can be easy to head on over to Maccas after a hard session at the gym. However, it's important to do so in moderation and that eating badly does not become a regular thing! Instead, treat it as a special occasion and find healthy alternatives to some of your worst junk food favourites.

6. Use your wrath

Our day to day lives can come with a lot of frustration. Rather than letting your anger out in an unhealthy way, harness this and use it to push yourself to the limit in your next workout. Exercise is a great way to release your emotions in a healthy and productive manner.

7. Lust for life

Not all sins are bad! Exercising regularly and staying fit and healthy is a great way to give you a lust for life. Heading to the gym gives you the energy and drive you need to go do other things you love, so get to your nearest Jetts 24/7 gym today.


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