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The top 5 gym machines for beginners

Everyone is a novice at some point. While it may seem daunting to utilise gym machines if you are new to it, you have to start somewhere and with a little help from a friend or personal trainer, you can get the hang of it in no time. Below are our top five gym machines for beginners.



1. Treadmill

One of the most fundamental fixtures in a gym, the treadmill is a great cardio workout. It can burn the most calories of any cardiovascular machine and can be adapted to many fitness levels, offering different speeds and inclines. However, if you have bone problems or find it uncomfortable when running, it is best to go for a machine that is not as hard hitting on your joints.


2. Cable Tower

This particular machine is a great all-rounder. Cable towers feature several weight stacks and adjustable cables, offering lots of different exercises which can target all of your major muscles. If possible, get a friend or a personal trainer to show you how to use it correctly and how to target certain muscle groups.


3. Stationary Bikes

Another cardiovascular machine, this is particularly effective for those with joint pain as it offers a workout with the least impact on joints. It is also great for those who are just beginning, as it is easy to do and ideal for any fitness level. However, it is essential you adjust the machine to your height, ensuring when you are sitting on the bike with the ball of your foot on the pedal, there is only a slight bend in the knee.


4. Smith Machine

A Smith Machine is another machine that works several muscles at once. Although it looks scary, it does have a safety measure in place, allowing you to put the weight into the nearest set of holes if it feels too heavy. You can use it both to work your arms and in conjunction with squats and lunges. Like the cable tower, it is important to ask someone to show you the ropes before using this machine.


5. Leg Press 

Both of these machines are relatively easy to use, but it is important you position yourself correctly. The leg press, which targets your glutes and quads, should be adjusted so your thighs are parallel to the foot plate when you recline. Your feet should be hip width apart and your knees should not lock as you push out slowly.


For more information, or to get some help with using any of the above machines, visit your local Jetts gym.


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