Success Stories

Jamaica's 8WC Story

 Jamaica achieved some awesome results during the 8WC, this is what she had to say when the challenge was over... 

"The 8 week challenge taught me the importance of combining both nutrition and exercise to fully nourish the body. Whilst it was scary to learn about what is truly healthy for your body, the long-term effects of a healthy diet is necessary to make any changes to your body. Dan's diet instruction has helped me to completely turn my previous unhealthy eating habits into making long-term, sustainable changes to my diet. In the past I found it challenging to motivate myself in the gym, partly because I was unsure of how to use the machines correctly. Dan helped me realise that weight training would not make me bulky and instead, allow me to get more out of my workouts. I now feel that I have the knowledge to personally plan my workouts. The 8-week challenge truly pushes you to your limits; however, the feeling of reaching new goals and the end result is worth it. Overall the challenge was a great mental and physical challenge and I would recommend it to anyone who needs that little push to get started and to stay motivated."

Top work Jamaica! Your hard work during the 8WC definitely paid off! 

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