Success Stories

Phil's 8WC Story

Phil achieved some awesome results during the 8WC, this is what he had to say when the challenge was over... 

"A little over 8 weeks ago I strolled into the gym for my usual workout, not really caring and just doing it for the sake of doing it, I looked over and saw who I thought was just another gym goer helping a guy out with some weights. I went and had a chat to him and asked if he was a trainer and could help me, from that day on I have not looked back! I truly would not be where I am today without Dan, my drive is back, my life has changed so much for the better. I owe so much of this to Dan. His passion for what he does and believes in oozes from him and the day I put my trust in him and let go was the day it all changed for the better.  Dan's belief in my well being and my goals helped me to keep going, Dan thank you so much for helping me get to this point. As a wise man once said, yes "it is good to be alive""

Awesome work Phil! Your hard work during the 8WC definitely paid off!

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