Success Stories

Andrew from Jetts Kidman Park

Have a read of Jetts Kidman Park member Andrew’s fantastic success story, through hard work and determination he has achieved some inspirational results!

“It was the 27th September 2012. I had just picked up some test equipment I was going to have to wear overnight to see if I had sleep apnea. A good friend of mine took a photo of me with this equipment tape and strapped to me. I looked at the photo they had just taken and was shocked at the way I looked. It was at that moment that I decided that something needed to be done about my weight. ?I was always considered myself to be an active person but had been overweight for a long period of time. I guess I hadn't really worried about the types of food I would eat and when I would eat them.

?I started my weight loss journey at 106kg and a body fat percentage of 32%. I started running / walking 6kms a day and watching what I was eating. By doing just this I had lost close to 15kgs by Christmas (3 months). What I did find was during this time I had also lost a considerable amount of muscle. This is where I decided to join Jetts at Kidman Park.?

Once joining, I worked hard for the next 6 months. During this time, I completed the Jetts winter 8 week challenge and also had some PT sessions. I have enjoyed completing High Intensity Training workouts at Jetts. I would set up a small circuit at the gym and try to beat my best time to complete the circuit. The progress I saw during this 6 months would motivate me to keep going.

?I recently completed the Maxs Muscle up Challenge where I reached my lowest weight for 20 years (79.9kgs) and body fat percentage of 17%.?During my journey I have learnt many things that have helped me achieve my results. Meal portion sizes, times of the day to eat certain foods, type of foods that actually assists in fat burning. These are all things that have helped me turn a diet and exercise into a lifestyle change.

?I would like to thank Will and Frank at Jetts Kidman park for the PT sessions and encouragement and my good friends Rajesh and Matt for the nutrition tips and ongoing support.”

Congratulations on your achievements Andrew and keep the hard work up!

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