Success Stories


Another inspirational story from Jetts Lynbrook PT Daniel!

“I was overweight at 130kg 2 years ago. I never used to be worriedabout my weight or the way I looked & really enjoyed my food, until oneday I was playing with my 2 year old in the park & could not keep upwith him. That day I will never forget, I was 36 & thought my life wasalmost over.”

“Something in me changed that day & I have never lookedback. I changed my eating habits & began to exercise for 30 minutes aday. As the weight started to come off & I had more energy I increasedmy exercise to 60 minutes, I began to get bored with my exercise programas it was one that I had created myself & my knowledge of exercise was not that broad. At that time I had lost 50 kilo's in about 8 months. Isaw Michelle Bridges on TV saying become a Personal Trainer &kick startyour career in the fitness industry. A first I thought, "I might try thatto maybe learn more about exercise & expand my knowledge of exercise &fitness." Well that was it, I became what you might call a fitnessjunky.”

“I graduated from the Australian Institute of Fitness about 16 monthsago & have never given up on my dream of becoming a PT. Today I am a PTat Jetts in Lynbrook & my goal there is to lose 1000 kilo's, so if youhave some weight to lose come & join my weight lose tally & do some training at Jetts Lynbrook!”

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