Success Stories


Dmitri joined Jetts Peregian springs in June of 2012 to train for the World Triathlon Championships that were in Auckland, NZ.

“Because I have a family of 5 girls, yay (4 at the time), do corporate personal training, have a full time job and run another business, my time is first thing in the morning or late at night.”

Pushing through the cold and dark of winter, Dmitri got up at 4am to hit the gym daily. “It soon went from an effort to a habit and then I began to really enjoy it. I could see and feel the benefits and the consistency paid off.”

Dmitri was put to the test when his 4th daughter was hospitalized at the same time as his wife giving birth to their fifth child. “It was a very testing time where I played Daddy home care whilst my pregnant wife slept 3 weeks straight in the hospital next to my number 4 being kept alive by a breathing machine.”

“Through all this I managed to keep my training up at Jetts due to the 24/7 nature.”

“We all got through, number 4 came out of hospital on the same day that number 5 was born and I then knuckled down to a 2 month periodical program that I designed for myself with the Worlds as the goal.”

“Jetts Peregian was in the program for 4am sessions and Jetts Noosa was in the program for Ballet drop offs in the afternoon.”

“I really enjoyed the flexibility of being able to use the different facilities.”

“I came 14th in the world for my Aquathlon – drama in the race won’t go into it, and 4th in the world for my Triathlon.”

“It wasn’t just my Jetts training that got me there but having the flexibility to train at those hours suited my family commitments and I could change my schedule to suit what life threw at me in that time.

“I am now manager at Caloundra and loving being associated with the brand!”

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