Success Stories


At only 17, Jetts Mooloolaba member Dylan has kicked some serious fitness goals! Read his inspiring story…

I firstly started training at the end of 2012 (27/12/12) to be exact. The reason I started training was I went through my whole schooling life being overweight and people always saw me as “that overweight person”. I wanted everyone to know that I could do it and I wanted to prove to myself that I could change. So I decided to join Jetts Mooloolaba.

I started my journey weighing 98.5kg and I was and am still only 17 so I was very overweight for my age. I didn't measure it but my body fat percentage would have been well over 20%! It was really hard to start with because I used to eat and drink what I wanted so it was a big shock to my body but I knew if I wanted to change then I had to change my lifestyle.

The first four months I saw changes some big and some small but I kept persevering with the help and support of everyone at Jetts Mooloolaba, my family and my friends. Through hard work, sweat and perseverance I slowly started achieving my goals and when the chance came up to do the Max's Muscle up Competition I jumped at it and took it on board. I did 12 weeks of strict dieting and intense training that was really tough but great! I completed that and at the end of it had nothing left in the tank and gave it all. It paid off, as I’m now looking the best I have ever looked in my life.

From the start of my fitness journey I have had many ups including the Max's Challenge and many downs including midnight workouts after work. I have got to where I wanted to be at this stage and I am now weighing 77kg and my body fat percentage is sitting at around 6%, which I’m so happy about! I wouldn't have been able to do any of that without the help of my parents, friends, family and the fantastic staff at Jetts Mooloolaba, Andrew, Mark, Daryll, Ash (No longer works there but helped a lot) and of course the owners Lola and Steve!

I’m working towards a bodybuilding/figure competition sometime next year, which should be great fun. My transformation has changed my life for the better as I’m so much happier with myself and I can be more confident with everything I do. I say if I can do it then anyone can!

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