Success Stories

Nate and Alyce's Story

We have some seriously inspirations members at Jetts! But, here's the success strory of two of our Club Managers, Nate and Alyce from Jetts Fairfield Waters.


Read their story below...

This story is of my fiancée and I, who have battled depression, alcoholism and being a paraplegic for two years. We are now both managers of a successful Jetts club. This is our story.

In different worlds, two strangers faced the most gruelling of times. Nate, 130kgs and an alcoholic, suffered from severe depression. Due to life’s misfortunes and misguided paths, it was hard to find motivation and support to change habits. Working at woolworths from serving in the navy for 6 years, took a toll on Nate’s perspective on life. Becoming “stuck” in a life that was leading nowhere, Nate tried to commit suicide twice before he realised it was time to seek help. Finding an article in the mail, he found Jetts….

In the same town, Alyce was facing a different battle with her health. After months of suffering from an eating disorder and depression, she became extremely ill; hospitalised from a sudden paralysis from the waist down. It was diagnosed as Guillain-Barre syndrome; a condition that attacks the nerve endings in the body, as it slowly paralyses and spreads throughout the body. Being paralysed for two years lead to servere depression and weight gain. Through almost a year of physio, after her body began to recover, Alyce was introduced into the gym world. Here, she found Jetts…

From this point in their lives, Jetts introduced two strangers to meet at the same gym in Bundaberg - to continue their positive paths together to create success and change their own lives. Nate lost 45kgs during his first year of joining Jetts, and became a Personal Trainer. Having motivation and aspiring for more; he became the assistant manager at Bundaberg, where he was introduced to an opportunity to become a club manager in Townville. Nate perused this for two years and opened Jetts Fairfield Waters. Alyce lost 35kgs in her first 5 months of joining Jett's and has fully recovered from her paralysis. Motivated by the success of overcoming such an obstical, she completed her Personal Training course and worked towards the opening of Jett's in Townsville along side Nate, with the hope of also becoming a manager of a club.

On day one of pre-sales, 150 signs ups were completed; more than any Jetts club on day one of pre-sales. On opening week, 450 members were active. After only 5 months of opening, Jett's Fairfield waters is now over 1,000 members, with 2,800 likes on Facebook. The dedication and hard work from both Nate and myself has pushed Jetts Fairfield Waters to the limits; exceeding expectaions and standards of Jetts. However there is no stopping here - persuing more opportunites to open more clubs to invest in, we continue to rise to our highest potential.

From past experiences we have been more driven than ever, in the most accomplished time in our own individual lives. We have overcome almost every obstical that many people walk into the club with. We can relate, and inspire people to push throught the hardest times. We are the PROOF, that no matter what people face, no matter how far you've fallen, in the darkest times there is ALWAYS an opportunity and the will to change.

Two people met at the most crucial and broken times in their lives, and were completed, inspired, motivated and changed because of Jetts and the model that Jetts operates with.


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