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Rebekah from Jetts Varsity Lakes

We have some seriously amazing members who are smashing their fitness goals. Check out Jetts Varsity Lakes member Rebekah Patterson’s amazing success story!

In June 2012, I was involved in a serious car accident at work where I got stuck on the end of a runaway ute that had a handbrake malfunction. It slammed me into a brick wall and unfortunately the tow bar completely fractured my left femur (thigh bone). I under went emergency surgery to repair the broken bone so I now have a titanium intramedullary rod done through my bone marrow and a screw above my knee & in my hip to keep the bone in place. I was on crutches for 4 months and had to undergo over 12 months of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and numerous other things to re-learn to walk, refine my gait, gain muscle functionality again and get strong both mentally and physically.

Because I was unable to do anything too extreme fitness wise I gained 17kgs over my rehabilitation period - as apart of my rehabilitation program I was put into Jetts at Varsity Lakes where I met my wonderful personal trainer at the time Kat Simpson, she understood from day 1 what my limitations and goals were and we set to work, she pushed me mentally and physically to reach my fitness goals and for that I am forever grateful. It was a real journey I can assure you, of both struggle and enlightenment but I can happily say I achieved my goals of losing all the weight and now I am probably the fittest/strongest I have been in years and have new found a new appreciation/love for the gym and living a healthy/active lifestyle.


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