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7 Minute Workout - Drop It Like A Squat

Get tight, toned legs with this 7-minute bun-burning workout.

Warm Up:
Spend a couple of minutes on the stationary bike to get your legs warm and your blood pumping.

This workout is a Pyramid Set, so we’ll work our way from top to bottom and then back again in 7 minutes! You can also add weight for an extra challenge.

  • 30 x Squats
    (Knees to just below parallel, feet a little wider than shoulder width apart and toes pointed out slightly, core tight, shoulders back, head up)
  • 30 x Split Jumps
    (Keep core tight, concentrate on keeping your balance, keep good form, shoulders back)
  • 20 Second Wall Squat
    (Find a spare wall, squat down to 90 degrees and hold)
  • 15 x Jump Squats
    (Legs and feet set like a squat, land with soft knees to continue straight into the next jump)
  • 10 x Lunges
    (Keep good form, core tight, shoulders back, head up)
  • Now it’s time to work our way back up the pyramid! 

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